Policy analyses

conducted by the EC4MACS project

In recent years, the EC4MACS toolbox provided quantitative scientific analyses for the key policy initatives of the European Commission in the areas of climate change and air pollution. In their policy reports, team members of EC4MACS highlighted the interactions between actions in different economic sectors, and how they simultaneously contribute to a wide range of different policy objectives of the European Union. In particular, the cross-sectoral perspective of EC4MACS that addresses multiple economic and environmental benefits enabled the Commission to develop proposals that create benefits to all stakeholders, economic sectors and Member States.

The EC4MACS analyses have been used by Commission staff to develop quantitative policy proposals, to quantify their environmental and economic effects for the impact assessment of the European Commission, and to produce the background material that elaborates rationales for and expected impacts of the proposed policies.

EC4MACS has contributed to the following policy proposals:

This web site provides access to the key policy documents and the supporting technical analyses conducted with the EC4MACS toolbox.