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The EC4MACS toolbox provides key policy analyes for the review of the EU air policy and the revision of teh Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution in 2013

After completion of the EC4MACS project in January 2013, the model toolbox provides the analytical backbone for the policy analyses for DG-ENV. Policy reports available at

The EC4MACS Final Assessment

The EC4MACS Final Assessment has been released and is available from this web site. The report documents the application of the EC4MACS model toolbox for the assessment of future air pollution and climate strategies of the European Union as of early 2012. Thus, the assessment presented in the report does not incorporate projections of economic activities and energy use that were being developed late 2012, and does not reflect new national data that has been provided to the EC4MACS team by national experts in the course of the bilateral consultations held in 2012. Thus, all quantitative results presented in this report need to be considered as provisional.

In particular, after completion of this final report of the EC4MACS project, the EC4MACS toolbox has been applied for policy analyses to support the review of the Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution and the revision of the EU air legislation in 2013. Results of these policy analyses, which incorporate later information on economic and energy scenarios, as well as improved information provided by national teams, have been presented to the European Commission and stakeholders in a series of reports, and are available at