The CHIMERE atmospheric chemistry-transport model

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CHIMERE simulates and predicts the impacts of different emission control scenarios on air quality (ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter concentrations) in Europe at different scales

Model characteristics

The CHIMERE multi-scale model is primarily designed to produce daily forecasts of ozone, aerosols and other pollutants and make long-term simulations for emission control scenarios. CHIMERE runs over a range of spatial scales from the regional scale (several thousand kilometers) to the urban scale (100-200 Km) with resolutions from 1-2 Km to 100 Km. CHIMERE proposes many different options for simulations which make it also a powerful research tool for testing parameterizations, hypotheses. Its use is relatively simple so long as input data is correctly provided. It can run with several vertical resolutions, and with a wide range of complexity. It can run with several chemical mechanisms, simplified or more complete, with or without aerosols.

Typical features and results

Data sources

Input from other EC4MACS models

Output to other EC4MACS models

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