The GEM-E3
macro-economic model

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To model the macro-economic impacts of emission control strategies for all Member States of the European Union.

Model characteristics

GEM-E3 is an applied general equilibrium model, simultaneously representing World regions or European countries, linked through endogenous bilateral trade and environmental flows. The European model covers the EU countries, Switzerland and four Accession countries and it is being extended towards the other associated countries. GEM-E3 aims at covering the interactions between the economy, the energy system and the environment.

Typical features and results

Data sources

Input from other EC4MACS models

Output to other EC4MACS models

Developed by

The model has been developed as a multinational collaboration project, partly funded by the European Commission, DG Research, 5th Framework programme and by national authorities. For EC4MACS, GEM-E3 is maintained and operated by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)