The EC4MACS model review

An in-depth peer review of the the scientific quality of the EC4MACS tools

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To establish scientific credibility of the modelling tools for policy analyses, EC4MACS has organized a systematic scientific peer review.

Step 1: In-depth documentation

In a first step, all modelling teams produced in-depth reports that document the methodologies of each model and discuss strenghts and weaknesses.

Step 2: On-line consultion

Subsequently, scientific colleagues and stakeholders were invited to provide comments on the modelling approach over the Internet (The EC4MACS on-line consultation).

Step 3: Workshop

Subsequently, the comments were summarized and discussed at a dedicated workshop at IIASA, October 5, 2009. The following presentations were given at the workshop:

Markus Amann The EC4MACS model framework
Peter Witzke Agricultural modelling - CAPRI
Leonidas Mantzos Energy modelling - PRIMES
Helen ApSimon Comments on PRIMES
Chariton Kouridis Transport modelling -TREMOVE
Andrew Kelly Comments on TREMOVE
Max Posch Impacts modelling
Tim Oxley Comments on IMPACTS
Mike Holland Benefits assessment
Les White Comments on Benefits
Markus Amann Integrated assessment - GAINS
Simone Schucht Comments on GAINS